Finally obtained an Amazon Sales Rank!

"It is a long way, to the top, if you want to Rock and Roll"- ACDC.

I was wondering when I would see a number to see where my book stood, on the rankings. The rankings for sales, on Amazon.

While unveiling the number here, I must admit it is nothing fantastic. It is nothing to brag about. But, it surely sparks interest in any authors mind.

My ranking today at 2:18 pm Atlantic time, was 593,261 in Best Selling books! I am sure Amazon has millions of books on their site. This means I have sold one copy. Per week. If I would have sold one per month, it would be in the millions of rank. I would need to sell nearly a 100 per week to be in the top 1000.

This comes across as well received, actually. I remember a Barnes rank of 1 million my nook version of Part 1.

To believe the numbers or not?  I believe this number, as sales has totally sucked for my work. For now, I do believe them.

Till next time..


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