Lesson to vehicle Manufacturers: Change the drapes every so often.

I nearly bought a new truck a few days ago. I was there, while my vehicle was undergoing maintenance. Transmission oil, crankcase oil, and tire rotation. I walked out in the parking lot, to see the remaining 2012 vehicles. My truck has, served me very well over the last 3 years and a half. I may wait another year, if things go well. I think the 2012s are nearly gone, to my dismay. Higher prices with the 2013s are probably here to stay, for a good while.

I looked at the same new vehicle I owned that was sitting ever so lonely on the lot. It was a 2012. Nice color, chrome, and exterior side steps. This is a vehicle where I love the exterior. The only problem is, they had the same drab interior for a long, long time. If you want to step up to a bigger motor, a bigger size, you can get a change in the interior. Am I willing to pay 10 thousand more for a different interior? Not very likely, unless the high end vehicles come on sale.

This is the problem when you get tired of a vehicles interior. Especially when you see your friends different brand badge a beautiful interior! Besides that, the vehicle I owned served me very well. There were minor problems, which I discussed with their customer care representatives. They were very kind, and noted that they did not blame me for not wanting to wait for a new model to come out to purchase a new one. Maybe the newer model may have a new dash!! Maybe not. It appears the 2013 models will have a plain, dash again for their base models!!! Maybe 2014 will be the year of the change. A longer wait.

I bet you who are reading this, knows what vehicle I am talking about. There are only so many truck manufacturers out there. If you want to stay ahead of the other guys in real, true, form, have an interior that looks great. It is what you see most of the time when using your vehicle.

The unbelievable thing that I do see at times, is that people will buy a certain model over, again and again, with no apparent change in body style too! I can think of a few vehicle body styles that never changed in 8 years or more. Just small changes in tail lights, or a different smile to the front grill. I feel the same way about my truck in that respect, but on the inside. The exterior looks fabulous. I am worried though, that they may radically change the exterior, into something hideous, when 2014 comes along. The interior, maybe great though...

Well, we will see what happens. If I could only get a sneak peak at the exterior. The car companies hide their new models with coverings on their sides. The car magazines may get a glimpse. I hope so, as it will determine whether to stick with this body style, go a design higher, or go with the newer model.

But, maybe I am just a little too fussy... But, choice is there for a reason.. Life is a choice on give and take!  Have a great day, till next time...


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