One Neighbor did not know about books.

My next door neighbor did not know about my writings. The other next door neighbor did, about a year ago. That just goes to show how good of neighbors they are to me. They never talked about me, at all. I guess I am pretty dry and dull kind of person. I never told this neighbor, as a true test. A test to see how long it would take to get the word to his family. Well, it happened a day or two ago.

He was excited to know the news. Myself, not so excited. More humble than anything, he added. I gave him two books the other day. It surprised him, as it was through his wife that was the only way he became knowledgeable of their existence. Finally, the other neighbor gave out the news about the book. A year and a few months from when they heard about it.

I then rethought the whole book exposure thing. Marketing is everything. If my neighbor in front, did not get the news of my book, then even the few people that I met on twitter, goodreads, or where ever, did not make that much of an impact. This is a very interesting point of discussion.

I had made 160 friends on goodreads. 1800 on twitter. Many of my friends on goodreads, look at me as just a number. This is understandable, as there is not time enough in the day for 1000s of followers at once. And a few million books out there. Not all of them, but some of them. Some of them are truly, good friends. They are not bad people, they are just not interested in my work.  Out of 160 friends on goodreads, maybe 10 would pick up my book and read it. But, through this process, I did meet some Goodreads Angels who did direct me into new directions to help my book see a little spot light. Twitter, even close friends I talk to, are not the least bit interested in picking up my book. And that is fine. But, I am still friends with them. A few of them did pick up the book, but very few. Maybe 3 out of 1800 friends on twitter. This is really low, for a huge twitter following number.

It is a tough battle, to get exposure for a book. If you got lots of cash, and willing to spend it, you would do better on book sites and spending your hard earned cash there on ads. That is what, I took out of the whole process. Or, have contests or giveaways, on these sites.

My neighbor is going to read my books over the next few days. It will be interesting, on his take, on the two books..  Till next time..


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