Changing UV light in a house water system.

Today I changed the UV light in my household water system. It is a sterilight system, the base model. What this system does, is just count down the days until the system needs replacement. The calculated amount is 365 days. Today was my last day, as the bulb warranted replacement. Once again, I would advise anyone in changing their UV lights to read their instruction manuals on how to do it properly. This is the way that I went about changing the light.

The first thing I did, was get the part code from the side of the machine. Then I went to the plumbing shops, looking for a UV light. It cost me with taxes, 106 dollars with taxes in. They say UV light can burn your skin, so turn off the power when changing these lights. We know how harmful it is without the ozone layer, way up in bird land. Then I proceeded to change the light as follows.

1. Turn power to unit off. Can wait a bit for the light to cool off.

2. Slide off retaining ring, lift rubber connector up until you can grab the light by its ceramic top. Unplug light from rubber connector, then remove lifting it upwards.

3. They say to clean the outer tube. I shut off water to the unit, and opened up facets to drain. They actually recommend it be done yearly. I was hesitant, but I removed it by removing the bottom aluminum nut (hand pressure movement). No wrenches required. This is so the top of the glass will hold up from the top of the unit with the top o-ring. I removed the bottom O ring, then did the same to the top, but holding the quartz glass at all times. This is important. You have to be sure it does not drop to the bottom and smash. As soon as you remove the top O ring on this system, the glass can fall. I cleaned with water and vinegar. It was fairly clean, and next time I may not do this every year. It just depends on how much minerals are coming up in your water. A filter ahead of this unit is required.

4. I reassembled the outer tube, first with the upper O ring and then tightening down on the top aluminum nut by hand. Then, the same was done on the bottom. Sterilight was nice enough to give me two new O rings. I then cracked open the water to see if the system was water tight.  Proven good, I shut off all the water facets.

5. I then placed in the UV light, being careful not to touch with my hands. There is a ceramic top to the light, which you can use to carefully bring the light into its casement. Fingerprints can reduce the efficiency of the UV light. I then lined up the rubber connector with the light connections, pushed together, and then slid it over the groove on the top aluminum nut. A retaining ring then was pushed over sideways to keep it in place.

UV light is important to kill E Coli and Coliform bacteria in water supplies, which can cause harm to the health of the household. It is important that you connect a surge power protector to your unit, as to protect the circuit board from power surges and to keep the warranty valid.

The light was still working in my unit, but they say the strength of the light goes down over time, thus reducing  its strength up to 20 % during this time. Because of this reason, I changed the light.

Once again, refer to your manual on how to properly operate and maintain your unit.

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