When you got a twist in your back.

I twisted my back somehow, a little while back. It is a sharp pain, when I move a certain way. I took tylenol 3 for the last day, and today I decided to cut it off.

The first day the pain could be felt right away as I turned. The second day, it got a little better. Now, this morning, the third day, it appears to be better. But, I will try to avoid strenuous exercise for awhile.

I remember going to the doctor, many years ago for this.  He gave me some pain medication, and told me to rest for awhile. That was it. He could see the redness, stiffness.  I feel for those who deal with this, every day. It is an incredibly unpleasant, dilapidated feeling.

This was, from lifting on a 600 lb metal shed. We got it from sears, and my cousin asked me to help him load it on his truck. I was thinking that, of course, young and full of piss and vinegar, could lift it no problem on the back of the truck. I bent down. I put my fingers under the huge package near the ground, where the top was lying next to the tail gate of the truck. I forced up with my legs and my back with my legs 90 degrees to the floor. When I got to the top, I could just push it on the truck. I had a hard time, to walk to the drivers side of the truck.  Then I helped to unload it. All I could do, is slide it off with my cousin. I grimaced and took the pain, as I pretended not to be hurt. I was, and could feel the burning sensation. I do not believe there is much worse of a pain than that of a bad back.

It went away. But, every so often, it does come back somewhat. Not as bad, as of course the first encounter with the pain. The problem is, for those people who have it consistently, the drugs that you may take to remedy it are very addictive. Sometimes the medications can do more harm than good, perhaps.

Well, I feel better now. And, I will watch myself over the next little while to ensure I do not flare it up again. I will do some exercises to see if i can strengthen it up again..

300 people on the goodreads giveaway for my book. It slowed down somewhat. This is probably due to the page now being pushed to the middle of the pack. It will come back to the front, in the soon over list. I expect then to get allot of action then. Till next time..


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