Paving driveways.

Someone come in to ask for to pave my driveway the other day. They were doing the local swing through the area, visiting people who had no pave in their courts. There is a bit of competition in the area as of late, and the price of oil has come down a little bit.  The paver asked to measure my gate. I told him to go ahead, in order to give me an estimate.

He took out his measuring equipment, a distance odometer on a wheel that rolls on the ground. He went from the edge of the road, to the garage, across a few times where the breadth definitely changes through the driveway. He then asked for a minute, to give me his calculation.

I waited in the beating sun, outside. I could see him fervently drawing it, on a sketch, then multiplying to find area and adding up the blocks. In the end, he gave me a 2 dollar per square foot value.

It was indeed, a good price, and a price I heard offered to other people around the area. I said I would talk with the wife. In the end, we decided not to get it paved this year. It was just due to the reason, we had crushed rock just lied down recently. Maybe I would pay more in the next year or so, if the price of oil goes up, but the driveway is not that bad in my estimation right now. I told him to come back, next year, and maybe if then I would get the job done.  There is also the fatigue of having these construction projects every year, as every year I had something done on the house, except for this one. I wanted a bit of a break this summer.. I wish they had a different color of pave, than just black. Why could they not color the oil like paint, and make it blue or even white. Would'nt that be cooler in the hot, summer months? Cement, is usually 4 dollars a square foot to get it done that way. Maybe I should get the whole underneath dug out, and just put metal grates like a barbeque from side to side, so the snow will fall through to the bottom. But then maybe I would have a frozen lake in the winter... Not such a good idea, maybe.

Have a great day, till next time..


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