My cousin liked Part 2 better than Part 1.

My cousin, who is a great journalist, liked my Part 2 overwhelmingly over Part 1. This came, as a little surprise for me. As I felt, Part 1 was nearly or just about equal with Part 2.

Part 1 has allot of small town action, and odd situations that occur to make the story flow. It just focuses on the life of the man character, and his struggles in his daily life.  He is truly the center of the book. Many of us, perhaps feel the same way as the main character does in the book. Things always going wrong, as if luck has passed him by. It would seem the reason, why it is probably doing so well in the Relevance scale in the UK. Our youth are having a hard time, at finding work, and the unemployment for youth is too high in many countries.

Part 2 has a more continental feel to it. The seriousness of succeeding means allot more, not just on the individual scale, but on the whole business scale. It affects thousands of employees.. This book focuses more on the problems of management, competition, the business side to running a company. Of course, the main character is one of the main points of focus, but not totally as in the first. His friends, coming aboard, seem to poke him along as he wavers through the many obstacles in his way to try to turn the company around. Once again, probably one of the reasons it is settling high in relevance again, as this does happen in a recession or a stalling of the economy.

Part 3 is really on the global side of things.

My cousin tells me he has a contact that is interested in my books. I will see what the deal is there, but there is no rush to do anything with it. Time, is on my side. Have a good evening, till next time.


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