Worked out today in Gym.

We should all find the time, to do a little bit of gym. I did chest, and triceps today. I went light, as I had not been training in a long, long, time.

I do want, to find out more about the joints and going heavy. It is better to go light, medium, than heavy, for weight training. Cycle it, over and over again. I would also, like to do more cardio as well.

Hoping that this time it will stick, I do not want to give up like in past times. For small gains, 3 times a week, just to maintain, at least 2. All in all, you do feel better after a training. I can tell my endurance and strength are down a bit. It will take a month or two to get to maximum capacity again.

So, after or before reading that great book, get out there and do some activity. Stay active, and feel good. Till next time...


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