Pricing came back for my book.

I had to agree on a pricing for Part 2 of my book. I took out the calculator, and churned some numbers. The pricing is up from the publisher for this book, approximately 30 cents from the last. Although, in all fairness, this book is 30 pages longer than the first. As we all know, everything goes up in price with time.

It is difficult, for someone like myself to adjust the pricing of a book. I am not a skilled marketer. What I had done, was to go look on Amazon at some books that are around the same page count. Many of them are in the 15, 16, dollar range. Few of them are cheaper than that. Mine will be below the 15 dollar mark. It will be close to Part 1's sale price scheme.

I would like a lower price on my E book for Part 1, but at the moment, it cannot be done. The 3.98 price that is offered was the best, that I personally could do, due to the cuts you have to give to each entity (publisher, retailer, and me). This was dropped from 8.99, the original pricing. Myself, I need a certain amount also, to keep myself in the writing game. I was not given yet, the information on the Part 2 Kindle price. I hope it is around the same cost price from the publisher as the first.

Well, that was the last decision to be made on the books progress into the homes of the world. It should not be too long now.. 2 weeks and a few days, still counting... Have a good afternoon, till next time.


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