The Robins are underneath our deck.

The Robins are flying all over the place. It is just like, an Alfred Hitchcock movie. That 1963 classic, where they birds begin to attack people. Check it out at IMDb. The only difference, is that the Robins just whistle some beautiful sounds. In the morning, you can usually hear them chirp predominately over the other sounds of daybreak.

They are 4 nests under my deck. I see Robins, flying underneath, back and forth. I think they know they are truly safe there. The only predator, is a slow moving dog that scratches on top of tightly spaced deck. The dog, will never get at them. I am glad that she does not bark, as it would make it more uncomfortable for the Robin population.  The Deck was designed with main support beams, then cross beams 90 degrees over top of them. It provides a good hiding place from the crows.

From what we know, the Robins start breeding close to when they just arrive from the south. They lay their eggs in their summer breeding grounds. They may have around 4 eggs,  and may lay a few times, between April and July.

My parents always told us, not to touch the Robins nest. If you would touch the eggs, the Robin could abandon them. It may leave behind our scent, which they find not to their liking.

Besides that, not much news on the book.. Have a good night, till next time...


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