Friend said they would advertise on Facebook.

Friend of mine last night, said they would advertise on Facebook for me. Some of my friends who have Facebook, do have approximately 400 friends. Hopefully, it will create an exponential effect. Where, this advertisement will go and create a chain, and create another advertisement, and continue on down until the ends of the earth. Wherever that maybe. I guess it is, maybe since the earth is round, from where we start.. Hum.. As every book author would like to achieve, is the chain effect.  It is a difficult thing to spark up. Without huge advertising dollars, I am unsure if it can be attained.

I did opt for twitter over Facebook for my social media outlet. I liked twitters fast format, and easy controls. Although, some things can be improved over time (Checking through lists, making family lists of followers, star lists, and country lists ect). How to know when a follower has dropped you, so you can decide to unfollow them. Maybe it is there already, and I just do not know how to use theses features which are hidden from me.

So far on twitter, I have over 800 followers. This is over a time span of 3 months, approx. I can attest, that my sales did not improve over this point, from what they were in the fall. I am unsure, if it does help any at all. Maybe when a person reaches 10000 followers, 50 thousand, or a 100 thousand? Maybe things can change. I will continue to advertise on there, as time moves on. I will not give up so soon.

The other day, the owner of the local bookstore here asked why I did not get a book review. She says that strangers do come in and buy the book. True enough, a book review does help sell a book. On the  minus side, I cannot ask my friends to do one for me. It is exposed to be done by a someone that does not know me. And, everywhere you go, the reviewers have allot of books on their plate already. Literally, 100s. And, if it is Print on Demand, they will give you a backseat. Some, (I should say most) will not take the time to review you. Unless, you are backed by a traditional publisher. Many websites do say, you should not have to pay for a review. I do believe in that also.

Besides that, I will be getting news on the "Rise of the Market Overlord" ETA today. When will Part 2 be on the market. Rise of The Market Overlord. I love the title... It is cloudy and overcast here today, till next time....


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