First Pass Done. Rise of The Market Overlord

First pass is done. When working the way I did this past week, I was too tired to review it. Until last night, and this morning. The Second Pass will probably come in within 2 weeks. Then, the book will be out on the market not too long after.

I was surprised I did not get the cover of the book in yet. But, I will call to see how it is going with that. Also, the back cover description, is on there as well. I want to see the logo, as well, as they did do a super job with the first one.

Soon, the web page will be re vamped. It will include, Part 2 as well, with Part 1. There is my own authors bio, which may need to be also updated. Maybe I should not bother. But, it could mention that I am the writer of the first part. I will go over it again, as to see if it is all in good order.

Being a novice writer, there is always some things in the back of the mind that tick. You wonder if you did certain chapters right, the though process clear enough, and if it will appeal to a certain age group or not. I need to branch out, and talk with other writers on these processes. I need to expand my skills, in writing, go to workshops and such.

The Frye Festival is going on this week in Moncton, N.B. If I do have the time, I should go and ask some questions. Each book, if I am lucky enough to write another, has to be a little better as time goes by. I would like to believe, that this is the case... Only the public, can give out their final word on it...

Till next time.... Have a great day...


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