Star Acadamie on tonight in Quebec!

The Province of Quebec, as well as New Brunswick, has its great share of musical voice talent! The Star Acadamie is on tonight! Only one of the men will survive tonight, as the male singers take the stage to try to harmonize their beautiful voices into votes.

Next Sunday, it will be the ladies turn to sing out the beautiful ballads, to try to convert each note into votes. Star Acadamie is the equivalent to the American Idol, or Canadian Idol, but only for Quebec.

Rene Angelil, Celine Dions husband has been on the show in previous episodes, in trying to help the stars with handling successes and failures. With many great international English and French singers on board to help the production out, it makes for a star stellar night. Then, the finally, is a duel of songs between the last female and male singer. The format of the show also has a half hour segment every night, leading up to a two hour approximate show Sunday night on TVA. All the singers are lodged into an acadamie, where experts help with their voices and stage presence. They have only a few minutes contact through internet video with their families, every so often. There interaction is caught on tape, like big brother format, during the half hour shows leading up to the 2 hour Sunday Special.

Here is the link for the show, 

Hope you can tune in for some beautiful music.  Till next time...


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