Nearly done reading "Heaven is for real"

Nearly done reading the National Best seller, "Heaven is for Real".

A very powerful statement, from a little boy of approximately 4 years old at the time. The book has to do with his out of body experience (He was not clinically dead), due to problems with an misdiagnosed appendix that busted for 5 days. Finally, in bringing the sick boy to another doctor, they found the problem.

To make a long story short, the boy during the operation to clean out the appendix and poison, briefly went to heaven. The father finds out, as the boy leaks out some stories over time. The boy knew about his father praying in a small room during the operation, as well the location of his mother. The boy should not have known this, as no one told him of their locations. The boy also knew about a family member named Pop, who he should not have known about. Pop had been dead a long time. These so far, are the two strongest points for myself, about the books links to heaven. Yet, I know what my atheist friends will say. They will say there was no third person ie, doctor, strangers, to verify the comments or timeline. I am over 2/3rds through the book, and will give any updates as this story goes on. It is nonetheless, very interesting. And, It does make a person think. I remember a relative saying he seen St. Peter at the Gates of Heaven when he nearly died. Very interesting, yet to prove to the greatest doubters is a tough sell. I am not sure this book will do it, but who knows.

There is also a link to from the book. It is where the little boy, verifies the picture of Jesus he had seen with that of the young girls paintings. The young girl, as mentioned in the book, (Parents were athiests) suddenly started believing in God at a very young age. Her parents being atheists, say they did not learn  her any religion. She believed her paintings were inspired from Heaven. Very beautiful paintings, and it shows her paintings at each stage in her age. At 4 years old, she was doing some breathtaking, incredible, magnificent, work. That is all that really can be said.

There you have it.  Have a good afternoon, till then.


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