Got into a rut with writing.

There is no doubt, I did start working on Part 4 of The Supermarket Guy. A version when they were all in high school. But, I lost the desire to write for awhile. I found that it was really taking allot of time from my other hobbies, like weight training, sports, and even my own work. It is quite something when you are on a roll, and write for an hour or a few hours straight. Then you ask, where did the day go. And, I do get that feeling of tiredness afterwords. My eyes also get tired at checking out a bright screen with black letters jotting through a white blanket.

I may write again, probably in the fall if things go well. I decided to take a break, unless things really ramp up in the next little while. With the release of "The Supermarket Guy Part II, Rise Of The Market Overlord" to be out in approx. 6 weeks, if it does well out of the gate then the pen will be put to paper much faster. Maybe in the spring or summer months, so I can keep one volume ahead at the time. It is nice to have two books in the storage at once, to facilitate linking them together. It is an important process of any sequel, or series authors. Maybe some can link it up without have done the next part, and they are good writers if they can do that. All I know, is that when you have the two going at once, on scene may have to rely on a scene from a past book. Personally, I may have made a few changes to link up each volume, as time went on writing the latter volume. 

This is the reason, why to unleash Part 3 is difficult to do, before having finished Part 4. But, Part 3 draft is done, and it just needs to be polished for flow and grammar. But, Part 4 is on standby in the brain. Waiting for the motivation to start it. Have a good evening, till next time.


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