Welcome Moldova!

Just got a Super visit from, you guessed it, Moldova!  A European Country located between the Ukraine and Romania! I had to check on my map, to see where it was, again, as I heard the name now and then in the news!

I have only 40 or more pages to review, before contacting Dog Ear Publishing. I added some small scenes, I took out some other parts where I thought it would not do the story justice. It is a book that may come close to 240 pages, or maybe more, of comedy.

It has been much improved. Many people would say I am working on, the final draft. But, it is not so. I think of it as, polishing and finishing it. Then, it will come back to me as I can still make changes from Dog Ear. The first editing and proofreading will check for any major problems, which I can correct at this final stage. Then, 2 more drafts to make corrections (this will cost me, at 25 dollar rate just to do it, then 2 dollars per correction after).  I will have to see if their policy has changed on this. I need to write something for the back cover. Something intriguing. The worst part, was during the first book of having to write something, about myself. How do you, write about, yourself. I found that hard, and not even sure to this day if I done myself justice. Then, I always like to write a preface in front of the book. I may do the same with this one.

Therefore, I will have to read it 3 more times, before I put the stamp to go ahead with it. I must now go for a shower. Then a haircut. Then do some other business.  Then, go to work tonight. Midnight shift, may disable my corrections till Friday... I hope you all have a great evening,  till then...


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