The Supermarket Guys Book of Poetry!

The Supermarket Guys Book of Poetry!  I have not thought of the subtitle yet. I am still wondering, whether or not to put in the pictures, or not. I mean, I can draw somewhat. I am a little rusty, but, if the patience and time permits, I could draw a sketch on each side of the poem... You need a good black ink pen that flows, ever so evenly. Sometimes, I have a hard time to find one... But, there are some out there at certain specialty stores for artwork. I need to get a few more.

That, is a hard decision to make. To put in pictures, or not. A person could always, draw simple pictures. Stick figures? Too much detail, may cause too many headaches and too much time crouched at a table... Maybe a simple picture, of to the side, of each poem.. Should I put flower arrangements, stars, or celestial beings, around each poem?

And, how many poems will it take, to publish a book.. 20? 50? or a 100?  After so many, will I lose focus and lose the art of poem making? I will look at currently published works, to determine how far to go. I have around 50 thus far....  I seen one honorable writer, have 65 in his book...

Just got off of a 12 hour shift. I do not really have the energy, to review Part 2. I find it only strains my eyes, working at the computer for a long time, and after 12 hours, the mind unfortunately, needs time to relax. Want to wish you all a great night.. Till then..


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