Snow has just started in Northern NB

Have to pay the bills fairly soon here, as the power bill has come in and the phone bill. When you talk about the cost of living, it is a surprising thing. When you total the house power bill we pay here, it is probably close to 3000 to 4000 dollars for the average home. That is a big bill. That is if you heat only with electricity. My friends have installed some air to air heat recovery units, and from what I hear they can save upwards to 50 approx. dollars in the coldest months on their bills. I may purchase one later on, depending or not if I burn with wood in the next little while. The only thing with the wood heat, is your insurance may go up a bit. And the ashes, to dispose of them is not always fun. But, the heat is, very good coming from a wood stove.  Oil, heating should be competitive, but a half a tank costs 500 dollars. It may last a month. I am unsure of the future of oil heating for homes. Why would anyone, but the rich, get an oil furnace installed at a cost of 3000-4000 dollars that may last only 25 years? Natural gas availability is not up in the North Shore, of course. This region gets bypassed of the best, very often.

For now, I will continue with electricity. But, in the near future, if things go well in the fall, I will be looking for a new source of heat. Solar, maybe too expensive for the payback of time? Not sure. A wind turbine in the back yard.. Maybe.. Hook my dog up to a generator hooked up to a treadmill... At least she will be learning her keep!  Till then...


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