Seen the show Red Tails!

Watched the show Red Tails today. A film from Lucasfilm. Taking us back to the flying aces of 1944, during the second world war. During this time, the race barrier was still there and this is what this show is about. Not only trying to win a tough battle on the field, but a group of black flying aces trying to gain acceptance for their capabilities as being equal to the white squadrons. Based on a true story, this all black squadron had some of the best military records for the military squadrons during the war.

It is hard to critique a movie like this. I would say, that Cuba Gooding Jr. is better in cop flicks, or comedies. As a serious role as a captain, is just not his cue. There is allot of hype, and fast breaks during the conversation ( reminded me of my own writing), which is probably alright for certain genres but not for a show like this.

Yet, it is a historical film. And, I have allot of respect for a film like this. I think young people can learn, allot from a film like this. So I do think it does go beyond a rating. Good job, as the intent was a well placed one. Have a good night,  till then..


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