Now can work on Part 2

Finished my last 12 hr shift. Now I will try to get back in the swing of things, to correct Part 2: The Rise of the Market Overlord.

I will have to work Thursday, so this may delay the launch. But, it seems, there is no deadlines or due dates on the horizon. I think by Monday though, it should be all sent away. Unless I get the "What in the bloody blazes am I doing!" feeling.

No, but I always wanted to have two books written, at least. One, was, definitely not enough. A true writer does not stop, at one. Two, is better than.. You know...  The song made by those famous people.

Tonight, I am burned out though. The last shift of the 48 hour stretch is always, the hardest, and, I am always tired on the last day. But, I made it through an array of permits, tests, and more permits, and report a few problems to the supervisor. It is good to be off.. We all need a time to recharge. I will take this as a well needed break...  Crack open the Alpine.. Till then..


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