Minus 20 C today in Northern NB

Cold again today, but the sun is up here in Northern NB. My dad used to say, in Mid February the maple syrup used to run, if you put your tap in the right side where the sun hit on the tree. It would freeze at night, and the maple syrup would run during the day time. We still got a month or so to get to that point, where it may be a little milder.

This is the calm day, before the storm. Tomorrow, could be the day I start the process of publishing Part 2. It is addictive, to write books. I do want to produce Part 3, but it will stay in the vault until 2013. Then I will assess the financials, this time. I still have to polish Part 3, and if anyone reads Part 2,  the title of  Part 3 is mysteriously put in there!

Even today I found of some things I can put in Part 2, before sending it off. But this could go on, forever. And ever. For the last few days, I have been adding a little material to strengthen the story, here and there. Here I go again, today, for the last time. I made up my mind, that today will be the last day for any changes, until it comes back within a month from Dog Ear for corrections.  By that time, I really hope not much tweaking is required.  I hope you all have a great day,  till then..  Time for a coffee, to wake up!


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