Freezing rain and drizzle for tonight

Freezing rain, drizzle for tonight and tomorrow for Northern NB, perhaps. Maybe snow? I would like to see the snow come, but I do not like moving it.

Got to a sure footing on level 33 on Stronghold Crusader. It gets addictive, as I now want to finish the level off and go to the next. I did have to go search on the internet on a gaming site to see how to get past that level. I did some things that were requested to help, and it did help, big time.

I just hope I do not waste too much time, on that. It is hard to go to bed, once I start playing that game. And, I know while a little bit is ok, allot lets a person get away from whats most important in life. Other people, and chores around the house. If I do not do it, or help to do it, then things go behind. That is the thought for the day! I hope you all have a great afternoon, as nothing new on the book front... Till then..


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