Correcting Part 2, well over 2/3 rds done!

It is amazing, the finessing you can do, when reading over your material and correcting it. The main body is, greatly improved, and beefed up. It has more humor, and 20 to 30 % improved just in the slant humor.

The spelling is greatly improved. The grammer is improved. It just works so well. And, the story comes together allot better.

Tomorrow, I think I will be finished. Depending on how many household tasks I have to do here. At times, other stuff comes up that, as we know, delays us (it happens to us all), these daunting tasks like cleaning the driveway from a winter storm, or having to go shopping for some stuff.

My book has improved in length, to about 20 pages. Just in refining the whole thing. This is good, good news.. Have a great night,  till then...


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