The tree is growing outside!

The tree has grown outside in the front. I had to buy another string of lights, to make it look full. Last year, it seemed to be alright with what I had. I will have to trim it this year, if I want to continue to use the same set of LED lights. I still rather the old Mom and Dads old style regular lights, as I may change next year if I get the inspiration to do so. The older lights are just so much more, I don't know, appealing to me, anyways.

I watched the Naked Gun 33 & 1/2.  What a great comedy, very well done. It is hard to shake, Leslie Neilsons straight face and serious look, when he is playing really dumb. Anna Nicole Smith was in that show as well, and the shadow thing in the end with her in the light, was, funny. Tragic that these stars are no longer with us now.

I watched the Hangover 2 a few days ago as well. I found it well done, but I found the first one the best. I knew, the marsh mellows they were eating had something to do with what was going on. This was pretty readable, with the look the bearded buddy gave to his friends at the campfire. I will let it go at that. Only, there was allot more sexuality in it than compared to the one I watched above. The Mike Tyson cameo was very good. But, it was indeed, funny, and strange.

Puss and Boots! My wife dragged me in to watch, Puss in Boots! I found Puss was an awful good dancer. Antonio Banderas has a great voice for the cat. And, Salma Hayek for the female had a great voice as well, for the female cat. Lots of Mexican music, and a goose that laid the golden egg. It was a very good show, even for a guy who likes blow up action, machine guns and grenades! I would bring my kids into see this one, for sure! From Dreamwork Pictures, which is terrifically done, when I seen the poster, I thought it was from Disney Studios... Disney has allot of competition out there, now, for the kiddy movies..

Well, Time to go, I hope everyone has a great afternoon... Till next time...


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