Time lines for writing..

When writing, time lines in the book, in my view, is somewhat important. More so, for suspense or thrillers. Even for psychological thrillers.

For comedies, like what I write, I do not think it is as important. As, everyone takes a carefree attitude, and you want to get away from the seriousness of writing. That is why, many people, run to a good comedy every so often. You just want to laugh. The timeline, therefore, in my view, is somewhat important, but not as important as the more serious type of dramas.

But, I need to go over the timelines a little bit in part two. Just to make sure, they all fit to some sort of logical framework. I went over 3 pages today, but, relatives are still around. I have little time to fiddle with this as of late. But, I will be trying to get a good day or two at it, very soon!

Tomorrow, boxing day sales. Televisions are cut, by a few hundred dollars. I may break down, and buy a flat screen. I still have, a picture tube ( would you believe), in my living room. It worked for the last, 8 or 9 years, and still gives a good picture. Just that the thing is so heavy! Time for a new one, I guess. And, I do not want 3 D tv. I will be satisfied with, the regular, run of the mill, 2D tv... Till then..


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