Garage wired for 220 V if needed.

The garage is finally wired. It came through underground, from a 60 amp breaker, through tek cable, and then to a 100 amp panel. I have two double 15 amp breakers supplying what I need for now, in the garage. There is room for a few more 15 amp if need be.

In the 100 amp panel: The ground (s) from plugs ect,  is connected only to the ground to the house. There is no grounding rod. The Neutral and the Ground at the 100 amp panel are connected separate ( to their own supplies coming from the house). The neutral is connected to the neutral, and then the bus bars I have 120 V or 220 V if need be. This was done by a certified electrician. But, for now, I am content with the 120 V. The only problem I got into is with some lights I bought from a Canadian Tire store. One outside light looks bigger than the other.  Now, another has  parts missing. The fourth light is just fine. If I can only find the receipt to those lights.  That is going to be fun, as I am sure if you are like me, I tend to lose those small receipts over a small period of time.  I maybe lucky to find it,  but I doubt it.

From what I seen, I could be an electrician. It is not really hard work, it is just to know your wire ratings and breaker ratings per outlets, and what feeds to them.  At 55 dollars an hour, why not?  Till then...


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