Eating cereal to lower my cholesterol

I am a bacon and eggs kind of guy...  But, now and then, I take a break and get a bowl of cereal.  Sometimes some oatmeal, cream of wheat, or even beans.  My cholesterol levels are both around 5.5 or so, but, I still am weary of it as I approach my 40 s.  I love salt, and if I get a bag of chips, watch out. None maybe left in the morning.

I was thinking that comedies fall into, mostly, 3 brackets. One is the totally unbelievable (scary movie), the mid unbelievable ( Animal),  and then the believable ( Envy, National Lampoons Vacation, Ace Ventura Pet Detective).  And, I mean, they all fall into probably or touch the broad brand of the spectrum every so often. Everyone likes something different. Myself, I personally like the more realistic comedies more than the unbelievable, but I do like those too.  The Naked Gun films were classic, and, I am about to rent them again, as they fall probably somewhere in the mid unbelievable range to high.

Besides on the book front, there is nothing to report. All I can say is that I was hoping to produce Part 2 in mid January, the same time I began the process to launch Part 1.  It is going to take a miracle to get that thing into production, as I have allot of opposition to do it as there is not enough money coming in to justifying a Part 2. I will observe strongly any new information I get about the book in the next 2 months, the last two months, of deciding.  No doubt, if the sales were there, it would be a definite start at the gates..  Have a great afternoon, till then..


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