Should I make a collectible hardcover version of my book?

A collectible hardcover version of my book would be awesome. It would be, later on down the road, if the demand starts to gain.  I think a hardcover book is more expensive, but more durable, and more desirable to have on a persons shelf. It is easier to hit a burglar over the head with it,  if you catch him in and about the house. And it feels more like a rock, too!

Besides that, at work,  I found 6 equipment deficiencies.  Everybody at work finds, problems, the human kind (are rare), and the equipment kind.  Mostly the Equipment kind. Out of the 6 problems, I solved 3. Then, of the three last problems, one of them led me to another problem which, I had to fix. Then, the three I could not fix gets sent down to another department.  In effect, most of my job today was, preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is trying to catch something before it becomes a bigger problem down the line. For instance,  where one problem, e.g. A broken heater may leave to a frozen water line, saves allot of manpower and expenses on materials.  This is part, of my job.  Trying to be ahead, looking ahead, for possible future, roadblocks.

Like my book.  I am trying to forge ahead, peering, looking, into the future and gauging how far, I can go with this writing gig. The only problem is,  is, that I am not trained in the methods of the wisest book people known out there.  Till then..


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