Sales for September...

The sales for September from Dog Ear Publishing,  is actually the news that comes out in October.  They are not October sales,  as we know,  the month has not passed yet.  0 sales for September.  This does not come as a surprise at all.  My book did not move up the rankings one iota.

I have read numerous times,  on different articles,  why a publishing on demand book does not move.  Number one, is the possible quality.  People do not want to buy a book that maybe not up to par.  The second reason, is the price.  I seen POD people drop their prices of their e book just to sell them.  I had to do the same in the end,  this past few weeks.  Number 3 reason,  is that my publisher does not market the book.  I do not know of many POD publishers that do,  any marketing of any kind.  I am responsible for marketing.  I do not have a clue,  how to market a book.  Not only that,  but I am scared somewhat at pouring more money into a hole that is getting bigger and bigger.

The only tangible sales I got was from work.  I gave 5 free copies away to closest relatives ( the rest of my relatives do not know about the book, this is only starting),  and then sold 20 at work.  I sold one from Dog Ear Publishing.  I honestly did not think,  it would be,  this bad.  How good did I really think it would go.  I thought I would be selling anywhere from 5 to 50 per month.  I am defeated.

The end result.  Well,  do not get me wrong.  As I have said before, I am satisfied I done the book.  I have no regrets,  as in my mind it is a pretty book and has a good story to it. I am glad I wrote it. Then there is a limit.  Part 2 looks like it will never be published.  My book of poems,  will never be published.  There is no market for them out there.  This blog may not survive as well.  I give everything another 6 months.

I will try to open a business in the future.  I will see what may come about.  To my ten fans out there,  never stop thinking or trying to improve your situation.  Never stop thinking on how to do things more effectively or efficiently in an ethical way.  Till then...


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