Just who the heck am I?

I was asking that question as I came home from my parents today.  Who the heck am I?  Do you ever have to re evaluate your standing,  in the world?  My wife was working today, so I decided to have thanksgiving dinner early at my parents house.  I would bring her back a bowl.  I would be the cook,  as my parents are up there in age.

That is right.  I cooked the chicken,  seasoned it with summer savory, rosemary, thyme, and other spices.  I cooked the stuffing.  I boiled the potatoes, broccoli, peas, and had the stuffing at the side.  A little white wine at the table,  tea for those who wanted to relax.  Then raisin pie with vanilla ice cream.  Then I washed,  all the dishes...  I am just thankful,  I am given the ability to do what I can do....  I did a wonderful meal for 6 people today,  and they did not leave one small morsel in their plates...  Thank heavens..  It was good..

It all comes down to watching people cooking over time.  Perfecting the process,  I guess.  Especially my mothers own cooking.  My grandmother used to make some wicked lemon pies,  people would ask for them from afar and away.

Same as writing.  I wondered,  would I get another chance to perfect the craft.  Would I sell that oh so needed thousand volumes to produce part 2,  then my funny book of poetry.  Time will only tell,  but time can be an enemy as well as a friend...  Till then...


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