Fog and rain for the weekend.

October has been beautiful thus far.  It just started raining a little today,  with some fog here and there,  a little drizzle.  But,  besides that,  October has been spectacular for New Brunswick.

My October sales results will be out shortly.  I am assuming,  Monday I may have results.  I will keep my eyes pealed,  and I will report the sales on here,  every so slowly creeping up the ladder to continue my writing career.  I have achieved 4.2 % of sales required so far to fire up Part 2,  Rise of the Market Overlord.

Still,  far from my actual value.

I feel like,  my star meter has gone down dramatically since its uneventful release...  The IDBm has a star meter, where peoples star may go down if their film fizzles.  Some 6 %,  some over 20.  Wow.  Well,  I would think my star meter broken ; )    Amazing how,  they would even think of putting up a star meter.  Some star meters go up,  when a film is a huge success at the box office...

Night shifts have run my dry.  Tired,  stubborn, and unable to get myself into doing my daily tasks.. Oh well,  maybe tomorrow...  Till then..


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