A CBC worker is now friends with me on Goodreads!

It is nice to have someone from the CBC as a friend on goodreads.  After all the cold shouldering,  from their books website,  to not even show or pretend that a POD book exists,  it is nice to have a friend from the CBC.  I think they will eventually open up,  to the idea of a forum for POD books someday.  I think they will have no choice,  as POD someday will be hard to put on the back burner with so many books produced that way out there.  I am not saying put it in the forefront,  but they do deserve some exposure.  We know that probably 10 % or less of POD sell extremely well.  I am not a part of that percentage,  as I have shown on this blog site.

Now William Shatner has come out with a book on how to be himself.  From Penguin Canada.  How to be a good negotiator, a deal maker,  and such.  From what I gathered from my experiences watching people rise to the occasion,  it more or less has to do with your talent, or who you know,   or being at the right place at the right time. Nothing good will happen being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I seen myself sell private items,  cars, a set of tires, and get the price I was asking for without any hesitation.  Maybe it is because I sell quality stuff,  and look after my stuff.  Maybe selling a car in the fall or spring,  depending on the make and model, has something to do with it too.  Intelligence would say not to sell a sports car in the fall.  At least here in Canada and Northern countries. Sell it in the spring time,  when people are anxious to get out there and cruise.  No doubt,  Mr. Shatner had the talent of acting,  and good looks to boot.  I think these are the only two mysteries needed to take apart from his book,  to see how he truly succeeded in life.  There maybe some bargaining done throughout his career, but through talking and being in the actors guild ( then getting a manager),  I am sure he could wade his way through the rough waters of negotiations without getting many leeches on his skin.  All in all,  the man did well.  But,  I still believe for those of us including me,  that do not have great looks,  that do not have strong talents (maybe not found yet),  and we live out here in the beautiful boonies,  it takes being at the right place and the right time.

And we have all been at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Sometimes stupidity led us there.  Sometimes,  intelligence.  I broke my leg,  on a four wheeler at the wrong place at the wrong time,  when a motorcycle travelling around the turn in opposite direction struck.  Around a turn it is difficult to see.  Speed does not help.  The other driver broke his wrists.  We were lucky it was only that.  But what caused us both to be there at such a time,  down to the perfect few seconds for this to occur?  Maybe he had a short lunch,  maybe on our side we should have slowed down 5 km per hour to avoid it.  Wrong place, wrong time.

I want to wish you all being at "The right place and the right time".  I hope you followers are there at that special moment,  for your job interview (when your mind is tuned to say and answer the right things and to do the right motions),  finding your wife,  or achieving anything in competition and see when you win...   Till then..


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