Another guys wife at work liked the book!

It was once again, good to note that, not one of my co workers on my shift have read the book, but their wives have read it! This new review from the friends wife,  mentioned that she liked the book very much.  Much similar to all results now.  I expect maybe to get a bad review someday, as perhaps it may not be to everyones liking, but so far it is unanimous out of 3 ladies reviews out of 3.  The on different shifts men seemed to like it as well.

Working these 4 shifts at work will cut down my writing, reading, and leisure time a big amount. There is not much I can do, once working 12 hour shifts. All of a sudden your life is dedicated to something totally different from my other job.  Working in industry. Helping the cogs of the machinery run at maximum profit and capacity, while doing it safely.

The world series will be on tonight.  I expect, and predict, with the better pitching, the Cardinals will win.  But, Texas has allot of offensive power.  I will soon put on the television to check it out.  It is nice, when a series goes to a game 7.  Have a great night, till then...


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