Will be gone for, hopefully 2 days.

Hey everyone.  I know this will dramatically affect all of my ten fans.  But,  I will be gone tomorrow to the moose hunt.

I think we will catch the dreaded beast,  at exactly 1 minute after sunrise.  The time that it is legal to shoot the bugger.

I love yeahs all.  Please,  hang on for me and continue to spread the gospel of The Supermarket Guy.  I have my switchblade knife on hand should the moose approach too close.  My friends will be doing the shooting,  I am just doing the film work.  I will be filming this session,  as it is a special one.  We have a good friend,  a Janitor from work who does an excellent job.  He was nice enough to put his name in the Moose Draw for us,  and he won.  Beer is free for him,  and the trip too!

I will be back soon!  Till then....


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