Sympathy sales?

Of course,  you always have to have a few people at work that are always somewhat on the hunt for a teasing.  Some people even now call me the name of the character of the book.  I threatened to make a book of that individual, and he backed down a bit.  Then,  someone asked if I was doing good in the sympathy sales.  I responded,  yes,  very good.  Maybe he was alluding to that the sales at work are from people who are actually care bears.  I would say some yes,  but some would fall in the category of  curiosity. But I believe there is some honesty in there for the most part,  and that when they said they liked it that it was a sure answer back.  I know some of them definitely would not hide the true review from myself or anyone for that matter.

Anyways,  another 2 sales last night.  I will deposit it in an account at the bank,  just strictly for Part 2.  I am now a little above 4 % to get to a 100 % of the mark.  I feel like the ukulele man on the Price is Right,  trying to get up the mountain while hoping not to get stopped by overbidding. Till then.


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