September and Indian Summers!

September has thus far been good.  I seen an old friend today,  and dropped off a book as requested by their family.  They said they would enjoy reading it,  and asked how did I find the time.  I was going to start typing Part 3 tonight...  Yes,  tonight..  But,  the time slipped away somehow into the suds of overflowing mugs of beer..  Maybe tomorrow night..

My dads lawnmower tractor front tire got a flat today.  It was so bad,  that I could not reflate it.  The seals were gone on both sides of the rim.  I took it to a gas station,  and with a large air flow,  I got it up and new again.  The thing is,  is that the tire was new a year ago and put on the rim the same time.  The rim is in good condition.  I think the guys at the shop,  did not clean around the rim good enough,  and sold the new tire as it was on a glumpy sealed rim.  How would you guys feel,  if a year old job was still causing you or your family member problems this short of a time down the road?  I put water and soap around the rim,  but will wait till tomorrow to check it out farther...  It is a good thing,  I got the Supermarket Guy book to release my stress,  from this crazy low quality work jobs we run into from certain dealers....  Tops up,  till then!


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