I was going to let my hound dog write my blog tonight!

I was just going to set the computer down on the floor,  and let my hound dog write my blog tonight...  Sometimes,  you never know what will appear.  She is some smart dog.  When we ask her to go for a bath,  she understands the word,  bath.  And then runs behind the couch to avoid being soaked.

Truth is,  like many writers,  you get into a writers block.  Sometimes information just does not sky rocket like it usually does,  way up in the cranium.  But,  all things being said,  today another 3 people asked me to sign my book.  Another 3 of my co workers.

Once again,  I thought they were foolish for asking me to sign the book.  I really think they are making fun of me,  in a smug kind of way.  Yet,  they are so serious,  when they ask it.  I walk away,  and then I hear "You got to sign that,  you know".  I reply, "You got to be kidding me".  "No,  really, sign the book!",  was the end reply.  So I laugh,  and I tell them what I already know.  They want dedications,  yet I tell them,  dedications would only make the book worth less...  One guy at work joked,  to make the value of the book go up,  maybe I would have an accident in the parking lot,  hopefully....  I replied that my signature might actually make the value of the book go down....  Time for a brewskie..  Till then....


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