Got two more sales from work!

Two more people asked me to sell then autograph books at work.  Some people even shook my hand.  They say,  it is quite a thing what you done there.  Once again,  I reaffirm that I did not find it to be a large undertaking.  I just had to try to get something done like this on my own.  Outside sales of the book are, no mystery.  One a month,  give or take.  Any book you see in the popularity rankings on Amazon that are past the top 10 % do not sell hardly at all.  I will be truthful.

Yet,  the thing that I do not understand,  is how come it is for sale in Japan, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, U.S.A, Canada, and beloved England ( the cradle of English book civilization).  And on these sites,  I see used books for sale.  Everywhere. Even in Australia,  E bay has made a page for my book for to buy.

I will keep an eye out on this process,  as it is still all a mystery to me.  For now,  I will eat fried chicken and drink beer. Just got home from work... Till then!


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