More revelations at work

One of my supervisors was surprised that I wrote a book.  In fact,  they all took it a little more seriously at work today as they finally believed that I did actually write a book,  and that I was not in fact pulling on their legs.  This supervisor said he can advertise to over 2000 people at once.  I found this very hard to believe,  but he is in the marketing business and has written a few e books.  He offered to advertise for me.  I guess I have to give him a free book for his expertise.

Allot of people at work now want to buy it,  which is hard to sell to your friends.  I will receive shipment for the books in the early days of next week.  From there,  I can start putting them up in some bookstores.  I am unsure of how I feel about putting them up in many bookstores,  as the travelling deal may wear myself out...  With the sales that I may make at work,  Part 2 may become a reality faster than ever...  Have a good night,  till then...


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