Foggy Morning brings foggy memories...

The fog, moves slowly over the land like a torrential downpour of pea soup.  Good thing there are no chunks of ham in it.  We would be annihilated.

No news to report on my book.  I will be honest,  is in the top 20 in the back of the new release list.  It is not doing good,  but as I have said,  I am quite content of having produced something.  The public has spoken.  Give up your wild life of writing,  and return to the grind of life.  Do not give up that 9 to 5 job,  do not give up that old  chevy in the parking lot.  Keep watching glee, and it may give me the inspiration to fly someday ( I do not watch glee,  but maybe it is a good show)...   Till then....


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