Complain to the head top department!

When something goes awry,  like an order that you cannot get on a promised date, and the arrival is really late and does not come in,  complain to the top.  I complained to the main headquarters in Ontario.  There,  they immediately phoned the dealer in New Brunswick.  Afterwards, I received a phone call shortly after.   Your garage doors are on there way.  I got them at a reduced price,  also.  I am sure everyone can understand short delays,  but several months is something else.

The last few days,  I drew the cover to my part two of The Supermarket Guy,  Rise of the Market Overlord.  I will paste it here sometime,  when I get some time off from work.  I worked a 12 today,  and was busy the last few days with some other business ( garage door chasing,  ect).  The Hurricane that hit the Carolinas is expected to be here Monday.  I thought it was going to be Sunday,  but we will be getting rain most certainly Sunday afternoon.  No other news on my book.  Things are pretty bland,  except for the guys at work asking me for a copy all the time.  Soon will be there...  Soon will be there...


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