What I think Antiquarian means.

Antiquarian is an association of book appraisers, that know everything about the value of a book.  Mostly older books,  that are in great shape, get great value for the units sold.  Especially first editions.  My book was listed at a seller with the used value 2 times higher than the actual retail price.  Sometimes, Antiquarian associations could try to make money off of a new book if they feel the advertising has not been there for it.  They essentially feel that it can actually make money, so they take a educated gamble on it.  They can buy several copies, and drive up the market price.  When this happens, other book retailers soon follow suit to drive up the price.  It happens if they think a book is unique, has some sort of artistic value,  even if it is new.

I am unsure if this is going to happen to my book.  All I know it is happened at a Canadian book retailer already.  It could be something else,  maybe a sales ploy by the retailer themselves.  Will it work throughout,  and get to other countries.  If so,  I will be holding on to my few copies of the book,  as their value will go up in time.

But,  I do not believe it yet.  It could be just a spark,  not a flame.  Till then...


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