Printed off The Supermarket Guy Part II, and sent an e mail to Budweiser!

I finally got some ink for my pea shooter!  I printed off two copies,  drafts, of  The Supermarket Guy Part II.   It is longer than the first.  And probably will be even longer as I read through it,  trying to buff it up.

I sent an E mail to Budweiser in an effort to get them into a marketing campaign.  People who drink beer read too!  I drink beer,  all the time.  Maybe that is why I am a little on the wild side of writing.  They may toss the e mail out the window,  but I asked for them to put a copy of my book in a case of 24 or whatever,  in ever so many cases,  to help the fight against illiteracy.  I will e mail Pepsi Co as well,  to gauge interest.

To all my friends on this site.  Never give up.  Think of the Van Halen song,  Right now!  Whatever you do,  just do it (Nike slogan),  and do the best you can. People will love you for who you are,  even if you fall off short... But at least you made the effort...  Till then....


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