Part 2 cover is one third done.

Drew out the cover for part 2 tonight.  It took me around 2 hours,  a little longer than I expected.  I will need to trace it out in black pen, then print it off and maybe hide some major faults with liquid ink. Keep printing it off until it looks alright.  Liquid ink does not show up after being printed, at least not on my cheap printer. Then the worst is trying to find a good, fluid, pen that traces over my light lines. 

One more part after,  is getting the feel for the colors right.  Testing, trying to get the right colors for shading, brightness, and fade in and out. I will try to test a few coloring on several copies before deciding.  It is a good thing for having a printer.  After it is trace, I can run of many copies, and test the coloring as I go.  Till then...


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